PR & Marketing ideas for your business


Here are some PR and Marketing ideas which we are working on with some of our clients this year, which of these should be part of your business focus and strategy over the next 12-18 months and even beyond? 

Crisis PR and Incident Management
We all know we live in a world where one person’s opinion can quickly become headline news in a matter of seconds. What matters in this climate is maintaining your business’s biggest asset, your reputation. Ensure that the relevant crisis and incident management plans are in places for quick, efficient responses to ensure a little rumble of thunder doesn’t escalate into a typhoon, leaving months of reconstruction in its wake.

Making your brand come to life
More and more consumers are seeking face-to-face interaction, products and experiences that can be shared, felt and touched.  The industry calls this experiential marketing but, in essence, PR campaigns have been connecting brands with consumers in this way for years.  The most successful campaigns we have seen are those where brands have engaged their market with a fun and personal experience.  So, try introducing some immersive brand experiences into your marketing strategy and watch your metrics grow.


Engaging visual content
We have all seen a surge in the use of snapchat, instagram stories, aerial drone videos, augmented reality and that is because video content marketing is quicker to engage and be enjoyed by consumers.  It‘s easily placed and shared across digital platforms and it’s undoubtedly more entertaining than reading plain content.  Also, it’s less expensive than you might think to create engaging visual content and it can make a big difference as to how your audience engages with you.  If you are not feeling quite brave enough for video content just yet, start by introducing some creative photography first.

Find your invested audience
Now is the time to seek out those invested digital audiences, the users that regularly like your posts and comment on your videos. As social platforms become more and more saturated with content, users will be going turning to their trustworthy old favourites, rather than gathering from a wide collection of resource. Make sure to reward those that are invested, offer exclusive content, benefits and rewards for the things that matter the most to them.

Be focused
As audiences head to their favourite niche platforms to consume content, in return, various media outlets and publications are also narrowing in on their topics. Seize the opportunity by developing relationships with these outlets and create content together that speaks directly to their audience and their registered interest. Whilst audience numbers may be smaller, their level of investment will be much higher.

Branded content
Why not transform yourself into that trusted resource where your invested audience come for news and insight? Remove the old-fashioned company updates or news section of your website and begin to create high quality content that your target market will take something from. Think of yourself as your own publication, if you invest in informative, dynamic content, much like a magazine would, you may quickly find returning users coming back for their content fix. 

ArticleSimon Ko