Q&A with Preet Gill, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston

What is your earliest or best memory?
When we were young, my siblings and I used to walk to the library with no parents or adults to supervise us.  I have fond memories of those walks, it was 30 minutes from home and we used to jump and walk in puddles to our hearts' content.

What career did you follow before Politics?
I was Children’s Service Manager in Birmingham for 17 years and a Councillor in Sandwell for 5 years, the cabinet member for Public Health and Protection.  Also, as a non-executive Director for Spring Housing and on the board of the Sikh Network, I was strategically involved in both those organisations.     

Why did you get into Politics?
My late father was a huge influence on me - he inspired me through his selfless work helping others, from his relief work in Romania to being the longest serving president of the Guru Nanak temple in Smethwick in the Midlands. He said "Make sure you leave the world a better place than when you came." Also, the late Lord Tarsem King, who was the first Sikh member of the House of Lords, inspired me to get into Politics. 

What's the best advice you have received?
From my daughter - "Mummy, put your phone away!"

Who do you most admire (historically or currently) and why? 
Jagmeet Singh, the recently elected leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada.  He is the first Asian to lead a major national political party in Canada and is smashing glass ceilings. Jagmeet is a formidable and charismatic leader. 

Do you think marketing has an important role to play in politics?
It's very important. Communication to a diverse audience and keeping your message concise and relevant is key. Positive branding can also help to create a better connection between a politician and the public.

Is Twitter a force for good or bad in politics?
Generally, I think its good because it's easy to use. However more needs to be done to tackle hate speech, whilst balancing the right to freedom of expression. 

What charity or cause is close to your heart?
Ending child poverty - every child should have the right and opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.

Is there any one thing that would improve your quality of life? 
More sleep!

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