Q&A with Rewired MD, Ruth Pipkin


What is your earliest or best memory?
From the age of four, happy family holidays in France. It’s still one of my favourite places, and now I get to take my own family there to make our own memories.

Why did you choose a career in PR and Marketing?
I have always loved writing and story-telling, ever since I was little, when I was usually found with my head in a book. Working in PR and marketing enables me to craft stories for clients, and I love the additional creative challenge of generating new ideas and opportunities. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Don’t burn your bridges! Relationships are so important in this, and every industry. Maintaining and fostering strong connections is key, even more so in challenging situations.

What advice would you give to your younger self?   
One day that KitKat Chunky habit is going to catch up with you.

What was the inspiration or meaning behind the name Rewired?
The name really came from the importance of connectivity in PR & marketing. Most companies or brands will have a communications strategy, but a bit like rewiring a house – their connections could be stronger and more effective. If you want to be better connected, get Rewired!

What has been the biggest challenge or obstacle you have had to overcome in business?
Rewired was started in my spare bedroom with a £2,000 overdraft and a lot of ambition, so the biggest challenge I have had to overcome has been scaling the company to where we are today, completely self-funded.

Celebrating Rewired’s 10th birthday, what does the next decade hold for you and Rewired?
The next 12 months will see Rewired’s milestone birthday and a new decade for me personally too. They say life begins at 40, and I have no doubt that this year is going to be hugely significant on both counts! For Rewired, we’ve never been in a better position to deliver exceptional campaigns for our clients. The skill base and experience across the team is stronger than ever, we have a fantastic senior management team in place and we’re fortunate to be able to work with leading brands that inspire us to deliver stand-out work. Personally, I’m really looking forward to delivering the next phase of our growth plans, to build on our service offer, and ensure that our team are supported in their own professional ambitions. Oh, and a huge birthday cake. 

What has been your most enjoyable marketing campaign and why?
I’ve worked on so many enjoyable campaigns over the years, both before and during Rewired, but the most memorable one for me has to be the campaign that launched Rewired in 2008, The Big Picture. Firstly, because I won the pitch whilst travelling round Australia, thanks to a conference call from a phonebox in the Blue Mountains. Secondly, because it was literally a huge campaign to secure the Guinness World Record for the largest photo mosaic in the world. With national and international coverage, it will always hold happy (and stressful!) memories for me.

Is there a charity or cause that is close to your heart?
There are lots of both regional and national causes that hold a specific meaning for me, either due to a personal connection or because of the particular work that they do. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is one, as several members of my family have benefited from their care. I’m also proud that the Rewired team has selected the Buddy Bag Foundation to be our nominated charity for 2018, and we’re looking forward to a full programme of fundraising this year.

Is there one thing that would improve your quality of life?
Less screen time. It’s almost impossible to switch off when PR can be a 24/7 role, but the simple pleasure of a quiet hour with my head in a book is still as enjoyable as ever.

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