World Cup campaigns


The World Cup may be over and the England team firmly back on British soil but we take a look back at some our favourite creative campaigns that have kept us entertained during the tournament.

Starting with one of the most popular viral tweets created by British Airways, the airline shared an image of a boarding pass for football with the information cleverly changed to reference the World Cup and England. The ticket received over 21,000 likes and was shared across social as well as being featured on The Times and Independent. BA showed continued support through the games and with Marks and Spencer currently offering short haul dining for BA flights, it made sense for the two brands to collaborate on a PR stunt. Over 300 passengers travelling from London to Moscow were offered an M&S waistcoat, made famous by Gareth Southgate. Sales of Gareth's M&S waistcoat have reportedly risen by 35%.

We’re big fans of a brew at Rewired and strong cups of Yorkshire Tea are an essential in our office. The brand was behind one of our top viral tweets involving a Yorkshire Tea van and everyone’s favourite place for flat pack furniture and meatballs, Ikea. Their tongue-in-cheek approach to the World Cup was light-hearted and fun.

Other brands who saw the opportunity to join in with World Cup fever included McCain UK who shared an image of the logo rebranded as ‘McKane’ after the England captain. McCain also joined in on M&S’s #WaistcoatWednesday and declared that their potatoes were wearing new ‘jackets’ with an image of a McCain potato wearing a waistcoat.

Mobile phone brand, Huawei photoshopped ‘It’s coming home’ on to Southgate’s waistcoat to showcase the zoom capabilities on their phones. This caught the eye of the team behind Paddington Bear and they combined the two in an image of the bear. Paddington wearing the ‘It’s coming home’ waistcoat was shared widely on Twitter, whilst Huawei’s original post was liked 342 times, Paddington received over 13,000 likes which shows the power of the marmalade sandwich loving bear!

London’s tube systems have long been the inspiration for PR stunts and Southgate Station on the Piccadilly line has been popular amongst England fans. Many fans had already taken measures into their own hands with attempts to rename the station after the England Captain. Transport for London in collaboration with Visa have made this into reality, renaming the station for 48 hours. We also spotted that France and Belgium have updated a few of their stations to commemorate their success in the World Cup!

It’s been a brilliant World Cup which has seen even the least interested football fans in our office get swept up in football fever. It’s clear that when it comes to going viral online, it’s all about tapping into an engaged audience on something that they are passionate about. It’s no surprise that the most successful posts were British Airways, Yorkshire Tea and Paddington Bear who are all quintessentially British brands. It was great to see so many brands joining in and creating unique and engaging content across social media, keeping us all very entertained!

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