The Buddy Bag Brigade


Our chosen charity for 2018 is The Buddy Bag Foundation and we have been fundraising this year, raising over £2,500 for the charity so far.

The Buddy Bag Foundation supports children who enter emergency care, providing them with ‘Buddy Bags’ filled with essential items. The aim of these bags is to give the children who receive them, a sense of hope and security after being removed from a traumatic experience.


Twice a month, The Buddy Bag Foundation organises the ‘Buddy Bag Brigade’ a volunteering event where volunteers pack the bags which are then allocated to women’s refuge centres. We swapped our usual office location and joined the Buddy Bag Brigade one afternoon where we were able to see first-hand what happens with the money that we have raised.

The team were split into different tables, each responsible for packing individual rucksacks and we were set to work! The rucksacks are categorised into age groups, ranging from 13 – 16 year olds to 0 - 2 years old which were filled with tailored products including books, stationery, clothes through to toiletries and sanitary products.

While we were aware of the items that would be going into each rucksack, it was especially moving to see everything being assembled in real life – each bag representing one child who will have faced a hardship that no child should have to go through. The tiny toothbrushes, pyjamas and soft toys which were going to very young children were especially shocking. It really brought to light how important the bags are and how they can provide a little bit of happiness to very vulnerable children.


We packed 180 backpacks which were all labelled up, ready to be sent to women’s refuge centres around the country with some locally based in Birmingham to ones further afield. We were delighted to have been able to take part and pack the backpacks but we also realised how 180 is only a very small number compared to the 15,000 children that enter emergency care every year.

As a team, we’re aiming to raise as much money as we can to ensure that we are able to provide as many children as possible with Buddy Bags. Help us reach our goal and donate here.

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