Tips and tricks for a Rewired intern


As a soon to be second year student with placement applications dawning, securing work experience over the summer at an agency has been invaluable, and not just for a few lines on my CV. Rewired has given me an inside look at PR, events and social media, helping me to develop skills I know I can use in the future.

Now that I’ve finished my two week placement, I’m thinking back to where it all began by sharing my tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your time interning.

Put yourself out there

Getting work experience in the first place is hard. It can take a long time to find an agency willing to take you on, but ultimately putting yourself out there and getting in touch is the only way to secure a placement. Take the initiative, reach out directly and take advantage of the opportunities available.

Ask questions

If there’s something you don’t understand, trying to learn more about or just after some feedback, there’s no shame in asking. Everyone here is friendly and patient and will make the time to catch up with you or go back over something you need to know.

It’s always important to remember that you are here to learn and develop your skills and talking things through and receiving feedback is the best way to do that – no one’s expecting you to be the best at everything.

Offer to help

Sharing is caring, and offering to help with extra work shows you’re reliable and hard-working.

Point things out

Whether it’s scrolling through social media, scouring the internet or reading a paper, if you see something that could be relevant for a client then it is worth pointing out.  

Suggesting your own ideas and opinions is also a great way to make a good impression, show you’re listening and put your creative thinking to the test. The team are always developing plans and researching opportunities, so even if your idea isn’t used you’re still getting involved and showing what you’re made of.

No idea is a bad idea

This is a really useful piece of advice and keeping this in the back of your mind means you can get stuck into any project without restricting yourself. Some ideas might not work in reality but you’re still allowing yourself to be your most creative and look at every possible opportunity.

The great tea and coffee run

It’s probably best to know how to make tea and coffee before coming here, as I learnt on my first day they ‘drink it through the eyeballs’.

My best bit…

I’ve had the chance to write blogs, press releases and expert comments as well as getting stuck into some social media, but my best bit has to be having free reign to come up with ideas and a plan for a Christmas event for one of their clients.

Key takeaway…

Being at Rewired has shown me how responsive you need to be to anything and everything that you see. Always take action; because no idea is a bad idea.  

I’ve really enjoyed working at Rewired PR with both the friendly team and the many clients they work with. The opportunity to have real responsibilities and work for clients has been a great experience. It’s something you just don’t get at university!

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