Why would anyone need a PR firm?


Most people and brands will have pondered over the immediate value of PR, especially in the economically sensitive world we currently live in, you may have even talked yourself out of using a PR and marketing agency.  We know the value of PR and here are our reasons why you seriously need to consider it.

Getting noticed and brand awareness is really important and you want this to be for the right reason.  PR can be that initial spark which catches fire and sets the world alight, getting key individuals and influencers talking about you or your brand in a matter of seconds. It can also be a fire that you need to fight, to keep your reputation from going up in flames.  You can either pay for short-term advertising which is sometimes necessary to promote your brand but can often be viewed cynically or you can go for PR based on original editorial content and creative opportunities which are often more valuable and objective. 

Reputation is the most important asset you or your brand have, PR is not only needed to brand reputation, but also to maintain it. We live in a world where the opinion of the individual is more important than ever and, thanks to social media, it can be shared with the rest of the world in a matter of seconds. PR is about making sure those conversations represent you and your brand in the best possible light, communicating with the right people at the right time using the right channels. With the right PR, these conversations can build your reputation into something everyone is talking about.

Your competitors are doing it.  They are being interviewed and quoted in the press, their products are featuring in the retail pages, they are winning awards, they are getting in the limelight and improving their market share. How do they secure that coverage? It’s simple - they believe in public relations. They are regularly in the right places with their new products and services. They are paying people to make them look good and secure the best opportunities for them.     


Rewired uses a connected approach to make sure every avenue is covered, from traditional media such as newspapers, TV and magazines through to digital platforms such as social media and the web. We are on the frontline, shouting proudly about what and who you are as well as defending and maintaining what is most important to your business.

With a range of experience in facilitating events and experiential marketing activities, Rewired is connected with the right people to start a conversation which can transform into all important assets, recognition and reputation. To maintain and/or develop yours, get in touch and stay connected.

ArticleSimon Ko