In 2017, Rewired was proud to be tasked with opening Gaucho’s first UK restaurant in seven years. The high-end steak restaurant’s arrival was dubbed the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year. When it comes to restaurant openings, we think we've definitely raised the ‘steaks.’

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The Challenge


Rewired worked with Gaucho to open their first UK restaurant in seven years. Throughout most of the UK, Gaucho is a recognised and established high quality restaurant known for serving the finest steaks with excellent service in stylish surroundings. We wanted to deliver that key brand message from the heart of our city to the surrounding districts. 

With an excellent location having been secured by Gaucho within the central business district, they had safely placed the restaurant on the Birmingham map. However, with Birmingham being already blessed with four Michelin starred restaurants in the city centre, our main challenge was to place Gaucho firmly on the Birmingham map as the go-to restaurant and bar for a glamorous and high-quality meal experience. We also wanted to ensure that Gaucho is recognised amongst the best restaurants in Birmingham.

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Our Approach


With a business focus initially, we planned to drive awareness and footfall through a series of high profile dinners and a strong launch event. We wanted to create an exciting pre-launch buzz within the city, the business district and spreading out into the surrounding regions.

We targeted audiences through teaser campaigns and media outreach including lifestyle publications, daily and evening press, broadcast and online, and bloggers with the desired demographic. We reached out to our connections in the city, to co-marketing partners and other cultural and lifestyle operators reaching a similar target consumer and business audience

We created an ultra-exclusive launch event for the businesses district and influencers with 150 of the city’s top movers and shakers in attendance. With launch parties, brunches, private dinners, beef and wine masterclasses and office drops of wine and dulce de leche, interest in Gaucho started to spread and grow very quickly. 

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The Results


The high-end steak restaurant’s arrival was dubbed ‘the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year’ by The Birmingham Mail. With 10 pieces of pre-launch coverage and 21 pieces of launch press, popular competitions, fantastic reviews, major business features, radio interviews, the press and media outreach for Gaucho was widespread.

Following its launch, Gaucho reported Friday and Saturday evenings were fully booked for three months with keen waiting lists. When a restaurant the calibre of Gaucho chooses Birmingham as its first UK opening since 2010, it is bound to make other cities envious. 


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