Since 2010, we have been retained by Cadbury World to undertake a wide range of marketing and PR activity acting as an extension of its team on brand outreach, increasing visitor numbers and managing the annual and seasonal events for Cadbury World, as well as its press function and media relations. 

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The Challenge


Cadbury World is a major UK destination attracting visitors from all around the country, far and wide. With competition fierce for family and consumer events, our ongoing commitment and challenge is to ensure that we continue to increase Cadbury World visitor footfall each year and that we continue to come up with creative and diverse ideas which brings Cadbury World to life and which makes a connection between the organisation and its visitors. 

We aim to inspire and attract visitors to keep coming back every year, plus encourage new visitors to attend from a wider demographic.  

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Our Approach


We try to keep our Cadbury World events calendar regular, creative and varied -through inspiring moments, events and experiences which appeal to diverse audiences. We build up anticipation to creative events with ‘coming soon’ PR campaigns. 

We raise awareness of events through extensive regional and national news coverage. We also deliver unique content and competitions to engage our Cadbury World audiences. 

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The Results


Since we have been working with Cadbury World, visitor numbers have increased year-on-year.

Over the course of 2017, Rewired generated 548 pieces of coverage across national, regional, online and broadcast outlets – with a combined reach of over 66 million people. 

Popular event experiences over the last year have included The Big Sleuth, Halloween Creation, Halloween Spooktacular, The Chocolatier experience, Aladdin Panto, Pirate weekend and Christmas celebration weekends.


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