We deliver supercharged PR, marketing, content and events


Increase Brand Loyalty

  • Brand Strategy And Positioning
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media

Your reputation is your biggest asset, we’re here to grow it. Rewired provides a professional and connected service that gets you noticed in the right way, by the right people. In this digital age, with instant opportunities and an assortment of available outlets, Rewired connects you to a world of opportunity for getting noticed. 

With a wealth of contacts in a variety of sectors, our dedicated team of specialists are equipped with the tools across both digital and traditional media platforms to engage and inspire the audiences you wish to reach. Your own aims and objectives are at the heart of everything we do, developed with a personal touch from the distribution of press releases right through to a glitzy launch event.

How we can help:

CONTENT.  We’re unashamedly attention seeking. Rewired transforms original thought-provoking ideas into an output guaranteed to attract a response.  

COMMUNICATION. Everything we do is designed to raise your profile both nationally and regionally. Carefully considered around you and your business, the campaigns we develop are created for maximum impact and influence.

CONNECTED. Rewired seeks out those all-important influencers and audiences that help to spread the word and connect others with your brand. Build relationships with the right journalists, media and digital channels to spread your message far and wide.


Power Your Communications

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Outreach And Engagement
  • Digital Marketing

Content may be king but without the right communications strategy running simultaneously it can go unnoticed. As a team of storytellers, Rewired creates smart content that enables you to stand out from the crowd, no matter how crowded the market place. Rewired’s talented and experienced team not only develop strong, thought-through content but strategically plan its placement for seamless coverage.

Our contacts in a variety of disciplines help to elevate your message to the next level and reach your definitive audience. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new way to spread the word, nothing get us more excited than the opportunity to help a brand become a leader in their field and a figurehead for success. 

How we can help:

CONTENT.  Big ideas with solid foundations, we mould blue sky thinking into a concrete story that appeals to targeted outlets and audiences.

COMMUNICATION. We craft a unique voice for your brand that can be heard above the noise, rewarding those who listen. Build your audience in order to maximise the reach of your content, driven through the best and most effective channels for your business.

CONNECTED. Realise the full potential of your brand with a detailed, bespoke content strategy created by our dedicated team designed to drive long-term audience change by reaching out to the right people and places. 


Improve Media Management

  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Training And Support
  • Media Strategy
  • Internal Guidelines
  • Stakeholder Reporting

Reduce the risk of a lasting negative impact on your brand and public persona. Rewired offers expert guidance and training in how to deal with adverse PR issues, designing tailored crisis management plans and managing messaging across the right platforms. Our experienced experts in the field will talk openly with you and your brand in how to craft a strategy that both manages your reputation and response. There may be little control you have over when a crisis occurs, but by designing structured media management and detailed scenario planning our team will help you to take the reins and steer the situation. 

Develop essential media training and interview techniques, equipping your brand for potential crisis events. By being proactive, Rewired can help maintain your reputation in an undesirable situation.

How we can help:

CONTENT. Develop a thorough and detailed plan that delivers the correct messaging and protects your brand during adverse PR issues.

COMMUNICATION. We will speak with the relevant teams to generate an appropriate response for your brand both internally and externally, managing a response across a variety of platforms.

CONNECTED. Our team will identify the significant and appropriate channels for correspondence in the light of an unexpected event.


Create Visual Impact

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Experiential Activity

  • Campaigns

  • Social Media


It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, never has this been more applicable than in the way contemporary audiences consume a story. With a combination of technical expertise and creative flair our video and photography specialists can bring your words and messaging to life. 

From event photography and managing photo shoots through to specialist social media videos, Rewired offers both an in-house service or the management of external providers to make sure your visual output is delivered on time and on budget. Designed with targeted audiences and outlets in mind, we will craft the visual identity of your story into visuals that appeal in both the way they look and the message they convey.

How we can help:

CONTENT. Give your story a voice with Rewired’s committed team, converting your words into an eye-catching visual representation. 

COMMUNICATION. We create content with your audience in mind, placing visuals with right people at the right time. Reach the maximum potential with closely managed and targeted campaigns.

CONNECTED. Choose from in-house services or the management of external providers, our team will drive the project from concept to completion – making the most of a variety of contacts to ensure the best possible results.