Rewired -


a team of 10 based in Birmingham 

working nationally to deliver

supercharged marketing, content, events and PR services

Our Services


We can review where you are now, typical customer journey, competitor and market analysis, select customer interviews, challenges and opportunities, align your objectives and brand perception and proposition. 

We can produce clear and streamlined messages for your team to promote to your target audience and wider business community with a view to increasing sales via an updated brand profile. 

OUTPUT: Brand and Business Analysis and Report




We work with you to produce a detailed website brief and source developer quotes and discuss with you to select best fit.

Using our experience and research, we provide consultancy on design benchmarking against competitors to ensure you are aiming for best practice and higher industry standards.

We manage your website development project and liaise with supplier to provide all key information, content and imagery.

OUTPUT:  New/updated website


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We ensure that your website is filled with the most relevant and inspiring content. 

Through creative and authentic website content, we align your brand goals, purpose, mission, values, strapline, key brand messages, services and competitive advantage. Using punchy, impactful language, with your defined personality, we set your brand and team profiles apart from your  competitors.  We work closely with you to make sure our content works with your brand messages. 

We can also produce your 12 month content marketing strategy for you to use in-house or for us to work with you on.  

OUTPUT: Website content plus content marketing strategy

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Start spreading the news


Once you have a sparkly new website, we work hard to ensure that people know about it. 

We use engaging, targeted content to promote your brand/website to your clients and markets.

We deliver a series of press releases, features and interviews to your business and industry press.

We work on forward features within the trade press to ensure that your brand and key people are being included for expert comment on relevant topics.  

We identify interview and awards opportunities that fit with your brand strategy.  We write the content and make your submissions.  

We work with media partners to focus on promoting your company profile, growth and future plans.

We will report and evaluate press mentions against KPIs.   

We can also brief and manage any media advertising and creative agencies on campaigns. 

OUTPUT: Website/brand launch and increased press and business engagement

Our Experience

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